When making bread

Whenever you make bread you need to make sure you have a thermometer in hand.

Your water or milk has to be around 115 F inside the bowl already, but no less or more than that.

When adding your Dry Yeast into the warm water make sure you sprinkle it over the water and after that sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar, the sugar will give a “wake up call” to the dry yest.

After 5 minutes this water will be very foamy and almost double the size, this means the dry yeast is ready to go 🙂

Make sure you whisk it all together until all combined.

Whenever you need to let your dough raise, If you live in a cold place, turn on your oven to the minimum temperature for about 15 minutes and turn it off.

Place your dough in a greased bowl and cover it with a towel.

Now place it into the warm (not very hot) oven and let it double size or whatever the recipe tells you.

Your dough will be nice and fluffy!