Waffle Maker

I have to say I wasn’t 100% positive that I wouldn’t regret paying more than $15 on a waffle maker but for $29 at Walmart this GE waffle maker is one of my favorite things to make my breakfast.

I had previously bought a cheap $10 waffle maker, those that make 2 square waffles at the same time, Oh boy did I know this new waffle maker would be SO MUCH different than my cheap one….

My old one would make my waffles heavy, bready and not crispy at all.

This new GE waffle maker, makes one round waffle, that tastes and looks just like the one from your favorite breakfast spot. The waffles come out super crispy and soft in the middle, its really good.

And the good thing is you can make it healthy making your waffles with whole wheat flour. I buy whole wheat and honey waffle mix and I add almond milk and a little bit of vanilla extract and either bananas or blueberries, if you have kids, you can also add some chocolate morsels and I promise they will LOVE it.

So yeah, in the waffle maker matter the $20 more WILL make a HUGE difference.