The ONLY Blueberry Pie Recipe

If you’re looking for the perfect, Best-Ever Blueberry Pie recipe, you’ve found it. Sweet blueberries, an easy-yet-incredible pie crust, and all that classic blueberry pie flavor you love. Written recipe:

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My Blueberry Pie is the only blueberry pie recipe you need — it’s perfect for any occasion.

You know, I had never had blueberry pie before coming to the states and whipping up a recipe for all you Bold Bakers out there, but I’ve fallen hard for it. Like, really hard. It was my absolute favorite out of a recent batch of pies I made, and it was a good excuse to tap into all the frozen blueberries my husband Kevin hoards for his breakfast.

Using my perfected Pie Crust recipe (and I know have a Gluten-Free Pie Crust, too), you’re in for the best blueberry pie experience of your life.

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