Cheese Explained By A Cheese

Only a true turophile (a lover of cheese) can be a cheesemonger.

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String Cheese Isolated on White Background
threeart/Getty Images

The clerk slices the cheese in the store and put it in a individual packaging.
Rye bread with cream cheese
Arx0nt/Getty Images
Cheddar cheese in super slow motion.
viafilms/Getty Images
Hand grating yellow cheese with a metal grater.
Rasulovs/Getty Images
A woman cuts cheese on a cutting Board, close-up.
Parmesan cheese composition, on a wooden cutting board. One hand takes the knife and breaks a couple of pieces to savor the quality.
HQuality Video/Getty Images
shelfs full of ripening, parmesan cheese, producers manufature
imyskin/Getty Images
Parmesan cheese sprinkled onto pasta
viafilms/Getty Images
Sprinkling parmesan cheese on zucchini noodles
MSPhotographic/Getty Images
Parmesan wheels seasoning at a Parmigiano Reggiano factory
matteocurcio/Getty Images
Pizza in a box, female (hands only) opens the box, shows pizza, closes the box and takes it away.
artilopa/Getty Images
Ladle in a saucepan with broth. Slow motion
Photosiber/Getty Images
Red wine pouring, slow motion
viafilms/Getty Images
Italy, Parma – 02.05.2018 – A cheesemaker controls the seasoning of Parmesan cheese, which has to mature for many months. The processing is done following the ancient Italian tradition.
HQuality Video/Getty Images
Little cute girl is smiling and eating a cheese stick for lunch.
Anton Garin image/footage/Getty Images

Leah Park Fierro