Why I Make Zero-Waste Tasty

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compost in wire bin in garden
wally eberhart/Getty Images
winter compost bin in garden
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Layered compost in a compost container
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Winter compost bin in garden
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CU as abov
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saving still edible food
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polar bear (ursus maritimus)
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thousands of black kites foraging on a huge rubbish dump
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raccoons with young ones running on grass
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male hands in rich soil
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flipping a lot of ground plant. mixing a bunch of plants
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filling up the wheelbarrow
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germinating plants
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a carrot from peeling to compost and planting
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growing green plants agriculture time lapse
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mountainous landscape
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Aerial view
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Vertical Aerial View
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The Rapid Growth Of Spring Onions, time-lapse/
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