What’s in the Box? Introducing

Order my new Crazy Cookie Dough Baking Kit & get all the dry ingredients you need to make 12 BIG bakery-style cookies in four amazing different flavors! BUY: bit.ly/CrazyKit

Only available in the U.S. right now but let us know where you want them shipped next.

Is it crazy to think that Chef Gemma Stafford, creator of the hit online show Bigger Bolder Baking, would come over and help you bake one big batch of amazing cookies in a variety of incredible flavors? Not anymore thanks to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. This kit, filled with high-quality baking ingredients and delivered straight to your door, has what you need to make Gemma’s AMAZING Crazy Cookie Dough and then transform it into 12 BIG & BOLD, bakery-style cookies in FOUR amazing flavors. It’s hours of delicious fun starring one cookie dough with endless cookie possibilities.

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