Sweet Braided Bread Recipe

This Sweet Braided Bread Recipe is sooooo delicious and sweet, you really need to try it.

This recipe is measured by can, so I advise you to open a condensed milk can, split it into 2 separate bowls (you will use the whole can)

This recipe will make 2 bread loaves.


– 1 tablespoon of dry yeast (1 1/2 package of 7 g each, 10 g total)

– 2 eggs

– 1 can of condensed milk ( you will only use 1/2 can in the bread, the other half will be for decoration)

– 1/2 can of warm milk (measure on the empty can of condensed milk, milk needs to be around 110F)

-1/4 can of oil

– 2 tablespoons of sugar

– 4 cups of all purpose flour

– pinch of salt

– 1 cup of shredded coconut (for decoration)


On your KitchenAid Mixer bowl add the warm milk, yeast and sugar, whisk it until combined and let it sit there for about 10 minutes.

Add the eggs and whisk it until combined. Now turn on your KitchenAid Mixer with the hook attachment on and start mixing it on the lower speed. Add salt, oil and 1/2 can of condensed milk until combined.

Start adding the flour and let the hook do all the work until all combined and smooth. You may need to add a little extra flour at this point.

Your dough will be hard but it wont stick. Just don’t add too much flour.

Spray a little cooking spray on a clean bowl and add the dough turning around to cover it with the oil. Cover with plastic wrap and a clean kitchen towel and let it rest for about 2 hours. I used my oven that I had warmed up before (just turn on your oven to minimum temperature for about 5 minutes then turn it off).

You will notice your dough doubled size. Sprinkle a little flour on a clean surface and cut the dough in half and half  then cut it again in half, you will have 8 pieces to work with.

Now, roll each piece into a snake shape and try rolling the rest of the pieces same size.

Each bread will have 4 little snake shape dough but you can do whatever you prefer. Now just braid your bread closing the ends so they will stick together (just use your fingers).

On a cookie sheet spray a little cooking spray and lay wax paper over it, lay your braided bread leaving space between each other so they can rise again.

Cover it with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest again for about 30-40 minutes (you can take a little piece of the dough and drop it in a glass of water, if it comes up to surface your dough is ready to be baked).

Preheat your oven to 300F.

To the oven it goes for about 15-20 minutes.

After baked pour the other half of the condensed milk over the bread and sprinkle shredded coconut.

I promise you will love this bread. Its so soft and sweet, ummmmmmmm.


What you will need
Warm milk, yeast and sugar
Yeast mixture after 10 minutes
After adding all ingredients minus flour
Bottom of the bowl clean means it should be ready
Let it rest
2 hours later it doubled size
Sprinkle flour on a clean surface
Cut it into 8 same size pieces
Roll each piece into a snake shape
Braid 4 snake shape dough and make 1 bread loaf
Let it rise back again
My bread loaves are ready
Drizzle condensed milk over the loaves and sprinkle coconut
Its ready!

Sweet Braided Bread Recipe