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Overrated/Underrated: I get asked a lot of questions — how do I feel about this? What about that? Well, this is exactly how I feel about Oreos, Tate’s Cookies, Ice Cream, and MORE in this brand new series! After, WATCH my BEST-EVER recipes: bit.ly/GemsBestEvers

Agree or disagree with me? Give us YOUR take on these topics in the comments — and suggest new ones for next time!

Oreos — 00:00:10
Boxed Cake Mix — 00:00:41
Non-Stick Cooking Spray (Pam) — 00:00:51
DQ Blizzards — 00:01:34
Gold Food — 00:02:04
Cupcake Batter Dispensers — 00:02:21
Messages On Cakes — 00:02:34
French Roling Pins — 00:03:15
Sara Lee — 00:03:37
Margarine — 00:04:15
Vanilla Ice Cream — 00:05:03
Tate’s Cookies — 00:06:03
Sweet Potato Pie — 00:06:25
Competition Shows — 00:06:54
Frozen Christmas Cookies — 00:07:31
Cookie Scoopers — 00:07:55
Olive Oil In Baking — 00:08:12

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