Ham and Cheese Rondelli Recipe

This Ham and Cheese Rondelli Recipe is REALLY DELICIOUS!


– 1 recipe for the Spinach fresh pasta www.gotmixer.com/fresh-spinach-lasagna-pasta-recipe/

– 1 recipe for the white sauce (just take the recipe for the white sauce from the lasagna recipe www.gotmixer.com/ham-and-cheese-lasagna-recipe/

– 1 big package of sliced ham (you might need more)

– 1 lb or more of sliced mozzarella cheese or Havarti cheese (you can use your preferred sliced cheese)


Preheat oven to 350F.

Pour a thick layer of white sauce on the bottom of your baking sheet.

Take the pasta sheets and lay ham and cheese enough to cover the pasta sheet and roll it tight (the ham and cheese need to be inside the roll).

Cut into slices ( size can be about 3 fingers wide) and lay it over the sauce on the baking sheet (the ham and cheese will be facing bottom and top) and do the same to all the slices of lasagna sheets.

Pour over the little rolls on the baking sheet the white sauce leftover, sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese and to the oven it goes for about 30 minutes or whenever it brown the cheese on the top.

Your delicious dish is ready!

You can see pictures and ingredients of the fresh pasta recipe and white sauce recipe links up top where I posted ingredients.

Ham and Cheese Rondelli Recipe