DIY Cupcake Pedestal

Cupcake pedestal

This is a DIY (do it yourself) kinda thing. The cost was $3 dollars plus tax, can’t beat that!

You will not believe how easy it was to make this cupcake pedestal and how cheap!

I bought 3 materials from my local dollar store.

– 1 glass candle pedestal

– 1 candle plate (or any other small plate you like)

– 1 tube of super-glue

All I did was, take the tags off, clean any excess dust and spread super-glue the top of the candle pedestal (where you insert the candle), and set my plate on the top of the wet super-glue candle pedestal. Then I immediately put a heavy pan on the top, to make a little pressure, and glue it really well.

10 minutes later, my final product…

Cupcake pedestal


DIY Cupcake Pedestal