Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe Demonstration –

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Chocolate Banana Bread. This Chocolate Banana Bread combines the sweet flavor of ripe bananas with chocolate. I have always liked the pairing of chocolate and bananas, but in the past I have been content with just adding some chocolate chips to a regular banana bread batter. But then I decided to take my Banana Bread recipe and add unsweetened cocoa powder to it. The results were excellent; a bread with a mild chocolate flavor yet still retaining the sweetness and moistness that has always made banana bread popular. You will also notice the addition of chocolate chips (can use semi sweet, bittersweet, white or milk) to the batter which adds even more chocolate flavor. Serve this bread in the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee, but I am not against having a slice for breakfast.

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