Cake Pop Maker

I was not completely sold on the cake pop maker, but not getting my hands dirty crumbling cake, mixing frosting and rolling balls, sounded like a pretty good idea to me.

So I bought the ” Babycakes cake pop maker” and the 1st time I used it I wasn’t very impressed but after doing a HUGE research on line for best methods of using the machine and better recipes and hints I can say I am happy now.

I am posting the final result for the 2nd time I made Cake Pops, and in my opinion they look beautiful, but there are some secrets about it that I did not know and I could not find on line.

I will post the recipes as I try them out and  YES I use my KitchenAid Mixer to make the batter.

This machine is quick, sometimes too quick so I learned that if you buy one of those squeezable containers, it will allow you to be faster pouring your batter into the cake pop maker, this will avoid browning the bottom and not the top.

Also, I was not filling all the way and my cake pops weren’t touching the top of the cake maker so It wasn’t browning on the top.

The light switch that’s shows your cakes are ready doesn’t work, so you really have to time it. But I learned midway I take the little fork that came with the maker and flip it so this will it will brown evenly then I stick a toothpick in the middle and if it comes clean, its ready!

You can freeze the cake pops to use some other time without any issues (whithout frosting, just the cake).

Now, this is the coolest Part EVER, I learned what candy melts are for, and oh boy are they fun…. I LOVE IT!!!! Now get this…. You know how difficult working with chocolate can be, if you sprinkle a little bit of Paramount Crystals in your Candy melts or chocolate it will become thinner and easier to cover your cake pops, you can find the Crystals at bakery supply stores… Its beautiful, you sprinkle a little bit and mix it and see how thin it looks, you don’t want it too think or too thick, so sprinkle little by little.

Then you can either pour the Candy melts on bags with a tip on and do your own design or just sprinkle your chocolate sprinkles or pearls, whater floats your boat.

AWESOME!!! I love making cake pops now!!!!

Here is the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker, This makes 12 cake pops at a time (much better than the ones that only makes 6)
And the final result

Cake Pop Maker